A Christmas Miracle: The Nick Name Gets A 2nd Date

So it was Christmas Eve, I was all snuggled in bed, and then The Nick Name called.  And I can’t lie, it was good to hear his voice again.  It started with just the usual chatter.  How has work been?  Good but busy obviously.  He asked about my exams.  I told him about Shakespeare.  How it had gone so amazingly well.  How I had wanted to call and tell him about it.  Since in this bizarre turn of events.  He knew all about my schoolwork.  Mainly because I generally think people will find it so boring I don’t really talk to my friends about it.  Sure I tell them hey guess what…did really well…blah blah blah.  But I don’t talk about my papers.  Tell them what I’m arguing.  How I’m going to do it.  The response.  The whole shabang.  But because I had been talking to him so much during paper writing/exams.  He knew all that stuff.  So truth be told when I aced Shakespeare…and the whole term in general really.  It was him I wanted to call.  [Sidenote: I would need to correct this behavior].

And that’s when he told me.  That obviously we were cool with each other.  An awesome chick.  We’re grownups.  And all that.  That if I wanted to talk to him.  I should just call.  Not to worry about all the other bullshit.  Okay I said.  Sounds good.  Plus.  He said.  It’s not like he was the only busy one.  It was me too.  Busy with school.  And he didn’t want to be harassing me to hang out either.  And honestly.  After that I can’t really remember what else we talked about.  Mostly it was just nice connecting again.  I do know that neither of us was super keen on waiting the 5 days till our Wednesday dinner date plan.  And so we decided.  To have a coffee.  Or go for a walk.  Something.  Anything.  To hang out the next day.  Christmas Day.  In between his family breakfast and dinner.  Till tomorrow we said.  Night.

Christmas day came.  But plans got a little busy.  Shocking I know.  Though this time it was definitely me getting busier.  Because originally I had planned for a blissfully alone Christmas Day Dinnertime too.  Only I ended up spending it with an AWESOME group of people (playing it fast and loose, wild and free, Princess Amazing forever!).  So suddenly our free time became a little more cramped.  No big deal though.  Instead of afternoon coffee/walk we would do an after Christmas Dinner movie.

Dinner was amazing.  Yahtzee was brilliant.  And then it was time for me to depart.  But not before my brother enlightened everyone that I had DOUBLE BOOKED them.  LOL.  Hey!  A girl’s only got so much time off for Xmas break eh?!?!

So I headed over to TheNickName’s place.  Which I won’t lie.  Wasn’t as impressive as I had hoped in my imagination.  But in all honesty.  You never really know.  Trucker Joe had a brand new condo (and I’m certain a shitload of debt).  TheNickName lived in a 2 bedroom basemant suite.  Plus.  Ya know.  Who am I to judge.  People in glass houses and all of that.  But still.  I expected.  Er.  Um.  More.

But I digress.  Nothing ever happens that effortlessly with me.  The Queen of Awkward.  The Princess of Oops and Sloppy.  The Bear of Vancouver if you will.  So he said go through the gate.  Off the alley.  To the door at the back.  Now I’m not totally retarded.  But here’s the thing of the thing.  I’m nervous.  This is only our second fucking date.  I’ve never been to his place before.  And I ask you.  If someone told you the door around back.  And you saw a door.  Around the back.  Would you check for more than one?  Of course not.  How many fucking doors can one house have?!?!?!  Apparently at least 3.  But in my defense.  There was also a blinding spotlight.  And the door was FUCKING OPEN!

So there I am.  Walking up the garden path.  Straight for the open door.  That’s around back.  And as I get to the top of the 3 stairs.  Hello?  A dude appears.  But not my dude.  And even better than this fucking awkward moment.  I cannot for the life of me remember TheNickName’s name.  So I stand there.  Making some kind of um..uh…is this…um…uh…is he…um…uh noise.  Until the dude saves me and says are you looking for TheNickName?  I stammer.  Yes.  Down and around he says.  And there’s TheNickName.  Standing there.  Having seen the whole thing.  At the OTHER fucking door in the back.  Stupid.  Fucking.  Tons-of-doors!

So I head inside.  We hug.  He shows me around the place.  At some point he sneaks in.  Snags a quick kiss. Nothing big.  Just a peck.  Just had to get that out of the way.  Not the smoothest I’ll admit.  But I like that he’d been thinking about it.  So good to go.  We decide to watch a movie.  In retrospect not the best choice.  At some point he says something about a song or music playing.  Like sounds like The Talking Heads?  And I’m like.  Uh…yeah I don’t really know they’re music.  I start to wonder if perhaps it’s not as cool for him being “the old guy” as it is for me being “the hot young thing”.  The movie was SLOW at best.  But alas I spent the time snuggled up to the nook so it was all good.  Finally the movie ended.  He went to the bathroom.  And I got to pick the show.  Big Bang Theory it is.  Conveniently they were doing a marathon.  Turns out he likes the show.  Nice.  But before long.  It doesn’t matter.

Because we’re kissing.  Making out like teenagers on a couch.  And like with Trucker Joe.  It’s not the most amazing kissing ever.  But it’s the fact that he adapts.  Whether consciously or not.  He adapts.  And so with every kiss.  The kissing is better.  And before long I’m facing him on the couch.  Breasts pressed against his chest.  At some point we get up and head to the bedroom.  He knows he’s not getting laid.  But ya know.  There might be some dry humping.  I’m holding tight to my stages.  So tightly in fact that I PURPOSELY wore..well…NOT the red lacies…AND didn’t shave my legs.  What can I say.  I’m like a teenage boy.  When I’m tempted with something I want.  I forget all the reasons it’s not a good idea and just go for it.  So I have to have a safety net.  Or two.  To keep me inline.  Just Sayin’

Were on his bed barely a heartbeat before my shirt flies off.  For reference.  By him.  lol.  I was trying to be a lady so I could’ve well kept it on but whatever.  We makeout for quite awhile.  And it’s excellent.  You forget how awesome it can be making out with someone new.  *sigh*.  Newness makes me happy.  Anyways  So I’m not going to give you a blow by blow (not ironic!…please I’m a lady!) of what happened.  But instead I’ll simply say that I kept myself a lady.  My concert admitted no patrons.  Not through any gate.  However.  As all boys do.  He showed me what he was working with.  Unfortunately it would do him well to listen to a little Lil’ Kim.

“Smack my ass, grab my hair, 
got ’em cummin’ everywhere
I’ma freak, so I don’t care, 
just don’t get none in my hair


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Victoria Young

Writer. Dater. Masturbator. Stop ruining my jokes by believing the self-deprecation. I am far greater than your boner will ever know.

6 Replies to “A Christmas Miracle: The Nick Name Gets A 2nd Date”

  1. Haha…L’il Kim. Too many guys are not…what’s the word? Aggressive. Yes, aggressive enough. They’ve got this weird idea that all we want is soap opera crap. 🙂 Puh-lease. I blogged about that with Superman.

  2. Ha! This post, classic and as I’m reading “is this my Good on Paper’s” twin? It’s amazing how I read your dating stories and have dual emotions.. Hooray, she’s having fun at least getting laid and enjoying the “newness”, then the damn, another woman is dealing with this “I’m busy, you’re busy but we’re cool” stuff.

    Oh and you’re quite the brave one because as soon as I would have heard the guy tell me the directions (turn here, look for the bread crumb, avoid boogie man in door # 3) type directions, I would have had to put my hormones on ice and went back home.

    Enjoyed the teaser and yes, hope you were able to save the hair! LOL

  3. *throws making-out-is-the-best confetti*

    Why don’t we stick to the dang stages?! (and by “we”, I fully mean “I”) The beginning bits are SOOO amazing cream!

    ^5 for the quality lip lambada/tongue tango sesh and him being adaptable.

  4. Justajenn: While I’m totally with you on the wanting of aggressive guys…the Lil’ Kim reference was a little more…er…um…coded than that…

    Morgan: Thanks so much and Welcome to the blog 🙂

    MDH: Glad you got the lil kim reference haha…and yes this whole situation is so frustrating lol but what are ya going to do…not over yet 😛

    Scarlet: I love confetti (and making out lol!)

  5. This bit >> “We makeout for quite awhile. And it’s excellent. You forget how awesome it can be making out with someone new.” < < makes me so jealous! Oh how I long to makeout with someone new. Its been far too long! Keep it up girlie, I maybe thousands of miles away but I’m totally living vicariously through you ;-p

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