Answers in Dating Trilogy: Friendship and For Reference

[dropcap]So,[/dropcap]  I had just blurted it outI have a blog…which you’re in obviously.  And you know me.  Go hard or go home right?  So while trying to explain to him how to find the blog and all that.  I just added.  No worries.  I’ll just facebook you.  Like no biggie.  Just like that.  No biggie.  I’ll facebook you.  And he seemed pretty cool with it all.  Seemed pretty relaxed to hear that I had been writing about him this whole time.

And don’t think I just threw this info out there.  Without a thought.  I mean.  I’ve written the blog.  I know what I’ve said about him.  And I know that he comes off well.  I told him this.  I knew it would be okay for him to read it.  If he wanted to.  Honestly.  I wasn’t that sure he’d even be interested.  And to be real.  To be quite honest.  I think the whole thing was a bit of a knee-jerk reaction.  Me telling him I mean.  Like flipping a switch.  And I can see him. Like on the end of a little crane.  Getting picked up.  Right out of that swoony.  Dating.  Lusty.  Boy category.  And shuffled over.  To that friend.  Category.  Only.  It’s weird.  Because.  Well.  I don’t have male friends.

But back to the scene of this event.  Back to me and him.  Sitting on the couch.  At his place.  Cards on the table.  And we talk.  About his ex.  About Mega Love.  He asks if I went to see Mega Love when I went shopping in Seattle.  I tell him yes.  I tell him I also saw him in July.  Before that.  We talk about dates.  The dates I’ve been on since meeting him (not in detail…just that I’ve had them).  He tells me he’s had none.  We talk about breakups.  He thinks that Mega Love and I might not really be completely broken up.  Because we keep seeing each other.  We talk about boys.  Honestly it’s all a bit of a blur.  I was actually pretty excited to be able to talk about this stuff.  To tell him about my blog.  It was all pretty fun.  Any disappointment I feel *spoiler alert* wouldn’t sink in for a few days.  But basically the important stuff.  Like how awesome he thought I was.  And how much he enjoyed hanging out with me.  That came across.

At one point.  I couldn’t stop myself though.  I said something.  Likely.  Pretty douchey.  But I was joking.  Mostly.  (try to remember I’m a on a starving student budget).  And as I walked into the kitchen for a glass of water I said So…does this mean I’m going to have to start paying for stuff *giggles*.  And no lie.  Trucker Joe hit it out of the park.  No he says friends do that stuff too.  And at the time I was thinking…not so much.  But it’s true.  We do.  TheHell was having a rough day today.  So I brought her Starbucks.  Another friend was having moola issues a couple days ago.  So I picked up the tab at Sushi.  So he was right in that sense.

Eventually it was time for the night to end.  Afterall.  No reason for everybody not to get a good night’s rest.  With no sex or shenanigans on the horizon.  And as we were walking to the door.  I made a comment about.  Could you imagine me as a ProfessorEspecially now? (As in, how awesome would that be).  And he said something about me becoming famous long before that…for writing a column in a newspaper or something (and this was just from our conversations…he hadn’t read the blog yet).  And then he walked me to my car.  And we were both all smiles.  Like who knew.  Dating turned friending might just work out awesome afterall.

As we hugged goodbye.  I said.  So I guess just gimme a call if you want to hang out.  To which he responded Oh…I’ll definitely be harassing you to hang out.  And that was it.  I drove home.  Still all smiles.  I wasn’t faking.  I was actually really excited.  I mean sure.  It’s always an ego hit when someone isn’t attracted to you.  I mean shit.  Even though logic tells me it would have nothing to do with me.  If a guy I was dating was suddenly like.  I’m gay.  I’d still be a little.  aw…you mean I wasn’t hot enough to turn you straight?  Which for reference I know is ridiculous being that I think people are born gay so it’s not even an option.  But I’m just saying.  Sometimes things are irrational.  Just the way it is.  And I could be fine with that.

So the night ended.  With a smile on my face.  A Friendship on the horizon.  And a person to add on Facebook.  And it’s a week later now.  And I still have a bit more to say on the subject.  Like what happened with me.  Like what happened with me and him.  In that week that’s passed.  But that’s a whole other post.  Coming soon.  But for today.  I have to say this.

I feel a bit.  As though I may have let you down.  My readers.  My dear, dear readers.  Because For Reference. These are not the posts I wanted to write. For Reference.  I wanted to tell you about kissing. That makes my knees weak. Laughter that carries across lakes. Giving it up in the back of a pickup truck like a hicktown babe or a city girl gone summer vacay. For Reference.  I want to insinuate the passion between sheets. Electricity between fingertips. I want to tell you how a boy’s soft tongue tastes in my memory the day after. I want you to swoon with me. Let’s talk magic. Let’s talk romance. But romance in that summer fling kinda way. Without all that heavy for the rest of our lives is-he-the-one bullshit. I want to regale you with a tale of romance the way I want it told. From the mind of a 28 year old working her body like an 18 year old full of lust and freedom in the heart of a 14 year old who doesn’t yet know better.  Only knowing better.  I didn’t need it to be perfect. I wasn’t trying on slippers. No one was looking for that perfect fit. But for a moment.  For this one moment. This. Very. Moment. Right here. Right now. I didn’t want hilarity. And you almost never hear me say that. I just wanted. A summer romance. But here we are. And summer is almost over.  And I’ve got no summer romance.  No silky legs sliding about on silky sheets.  No soft lips to brush mine up against.  No hand on my ass.  Marking some territory.  If only for one night.  One date.  One summer romance.  For Reference.  I’ll make it up to you.



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7 Replies to “Answers in Dating Trilogy: Friendship and For Reference”

  1. Don’t be silly. You haven’t let us down! You’ve provided us with interesting blog posts, you’ve shared interesting stories. Your content is always great to read, and so-oooo easy to get involved in. (Sometimes I read while holding my breath!)

    Nothing is ever guaranteed with these things. A summer romance? Psssh, whatever. You’ve got a new friend now. A hot one at that. A hot friend who is eye candy – killing two birds with one stone – bonus!

    We all want the romance, the swooning, the magic (trust me, I know). We’ll get it someday. Soon…. Won’t we?

  2. I want to hear from Trucker Joe!

    Ask him to write a guest post from his point of view on dating turning friending. 🙂

    Excellent post as always.

    Kudo’s to Trucker Joe for never missing a beat and always remaining classy!

  3. No let-downs being felt here – your writing is entertaining whatever the material! I’m glad that an enjoyable friendship might arise from the dating ashes too.

  4. To Everyone: Yeah sometimes I forget that you guys are just reading my words and not say…in my head lol…or hearing me speak these words…because although I am disappointed not to have lusty things to write about…it was more a dramatic flair…the having let you down…sort of like when I say that I once stopped global warming by thinking really really hard about icicles…but then I went tanning…and fucked it all about…sorry…kind of like that…love you all!!!

    TheSingleFilez…I LOVE that you sometimes hold your breath…that MAKES my day 🙂

    Just Sayin’…Interesting idea…not sure he’d be into it…but if he reads it here and wants to I’d definitely publish it…and if there’s no response maybe I’ll eventually ask him 🙂

    Matt79…thank you so much…I’m glad it’s entertaining…you’d be surprised at how confident I am in the rest of my life…but my writing…I get nervous…people might get bored lol!

    Rain.. 🙂

    MWGD…lol at Friends are good…Everyone needs friends…this is true…and we’ll see 😛

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