Because That’s What Happens on Day Dates


Continued From Pool Sharks and Dead in the Water


[dropcap]S[/dropcap]o we had finished playing pool.  Paid our tab (him not me, obvs).  And he was walking me to my car.  It’s funny, during our date I had almost forgotten it was a day date because the sports bar was so dark but when we went outside it was still the bright and cheery sun of an early summer evening.  And there were people.  Everywhere!  And this is why day dates are so awful.

The thing is.  I’m not a fan of PDA.   Sure hand holding is fine.  And even a peck here and there.  But kissing.  Like full on makeout.  Well that’s just uncomfortable.  Get a room assholes, my mom and I are trying to ordering our lunch here or something like that.  Ya know.  Like respect your surroundings yo.  Now this isn’t to say I’ve never kissed anyone in public.  In fact during my drinking days.  Well.  You get the idea.  I’ve definitely lost an earrings or two at a nightclub.  Just Sayin’.  But my point is this.  I’m not a fan of the public kissing.

So you can imagine I’m even less excited about a FIRST kiss in public.  That’s a private event.  Between me and the hopefully luscious lips I’m making out with.  First kisses are nerve racking enough without the thought of 30 other people watching or at the very least being privy too.  And frankly.  I just don’t like it.  I’m weird and awkward like that.

So like I was saying.  The Vampire was walking me to my car.  And we were walking pretty slow.  Loitering a bit.  And we stopped right at the curb.  He stepped down.  Turned around.  And faced me.  And even with me on the curb we still weren’t quite face to face.  Though almost.  To be honest, if it had been dark, or even dusk and/or more private.  It would’ve been the perfect opportunity for a first kiss.  And it’s entirely possible he was thinking of going for one anyway.

I have a tiny inkling feeling that there were several times throughout our date that if had I just turned another way.  A kiss would’ve happened.  Because unlike with Kevin Bacon, with The Vampire there was a lot of touching.  The appropriate amount for people on a good second date, really.  Like when I managed to beat him the one time.  With possibly the most brilliant pool shot of all time.  He rushed over.  There was a big high five.  That turned into.  Well.  Sort of hand holding.  And then a hug.  And there was more of that throughout the date.

But though the bar was darker than outside.  It was still a sports bar.  That was fairly empty given the time of day.  And given my awkwardness and the feeling of being so exposed.  Well.  I probably turned away a little too soon with each hug.  And drew my hand away a little too fast with every hold.  And the hug outside was no different.  I’m fairly certain if instead of breaking gaze and turning left when he came in for the hug.  If I had just continued to hold his gaze.  A kiss would’ve been had.

But it was not to be.  So instead.  All I got was a hug.  A hug and many compliments.  You’re so beautiful.  You smell amazing.  Etc.  But still a kissless hug nonetheless.  Though to be fair it was still a lengthy, squishy, come in and hold and really feel each other kind of hug.  But still.  I’d had two dates with Kevin Bacon and now two dates with The Vampire and if I didn’t get a kiss from somebody soon, I’d have to stop calling them dates.  Seriously.

He’d asked about my weekend plans.  Maybe we could hang out.  And you have no idea how much I wanted to.  And honestly looking back now kind of wish I’d just said fuck it, my friends will understand and bailed on them.  But I didn’t.  I had two different parties to go to on Saturday night and unfortunately he was busy Friday night.  So what were we left with?  The possibility of another day date come the following week?  Ugh.  Suck.  Because the truth is I’d really had a good time with him.  Religious glitch aside…we had fun.  And I liked him enough that I wanted to see him again and hang out.  Not to mention the fact I was hoping he’d lick the salt off my lips at some point.  Just Sayin’.  A girl needs some kissin’ yo!  Seriously.  But we left it at that.  Potential day date plans hanging in the air.  And me thinking there has to be a way to make something work on the weekend.

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