Biggest Loser Update: Week 10

Weeks Since the Summer of Boys Began: 10

Total “Somethings” Dated During the Summer of Boys: 3

Total “Somethings” Dated: 5

Total “Pounds” Shed During the Summer of Boys: 23

(This paragraph may be skipped for those that abhor a long read and/or are only interested in dating aspects of blog)
I want to quickly mention.  That I’m a bit disappointed.  With this weightloss.  Or should I say lack of more.  But while I realize that I’m falling well below my goal of 3-5 lbs. a week I also realize that my weightloss is relative to said goal.  Another example of this is my grades.  During my undergrad (BA – Psych) I accomplished astoundingly little (aside from actually obtaining my degree).  I was miserable.  I chose my major in a similar fashion to throwing a dart at a map.  I was lost.  I was not passionate.  I came out with something like a 62% average.  For a reference point.  That is so low that if I had ever left the program.  I wouldn’t qualify to get back in lol.  But I passed.  I got my degree.  Now I’m back.  Working towards something (English Literature) that I have very little experience in (I never took past the required first year English) but hopefully more than enough passion for.  And this last year.  I set my sights very high.  I will need 78% just to qualify.  85% to be competitive.  90% to be really competitive.  95% to go to Harvard (that’s a joke, I’m clearly not going to Harvard).  I didn’t expect it would be easy.  I’m not even sure I expected to get anywhere near on my first try.  But this year I ended with a 82% average.  Fucking Amazing (for me).  But still.  A bit of a disappointment.  Because of where my goals lie.  And the weightloss.  Is kind of like that.  82% compared to the 62% I was pulling back in the day is fucking phenomenal.  Just like 23 lbs. in 10 weeks is.  But don’t worry.  Not reaching my goals yet.  Won’t keep me down.  It’ll just get me working harder.  Time to step my game up.

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So just a quick update on my journey towards BEING the biggest loser and subsequently my journey away from DATING the biggest losers.  I know I said I was going to take a break from online dating until I lost 25 lbs. but well…I changed my mind (stranger things have happened).  This decision was likely do to the following:

1.  I am feeling pretty darn svelte these days
2.  My desire to practice more so I don’t let wildcards (fix link) slip through my fingers
3.  It’s been about 3-4 weeks since I left POF (just over 2 since I told you guys)
4.  Honestly, to help counteract the urge to meetup with Mega Love (which I’ll be honest still hasn’t officially been decided one way or the other)

So I’m 23 lbs. down and back on PlentyofFish.  Look out boys.  Mamma’s coming to town.  And she’s hungry.  It’s only been about 3 days so I wouldn’t have expected too much.

There was the one guy who IM’d me.  We chatted aimlessly but amicably enough for about an hour.  Haven’t heard from him since.  No huge loss.  The only reason he’s even worth the mention is simply because I plan to mention him in the following post and so this is your little precursor  (take note).

Next were the messages back and forth.  And back and forth.  With the.  Wait for it.  Wait for it.  21 year old.  Who actually told me he had balls.  Promising.  But has as of yet failed to use them.  But there’s still potential.

Following him, we have messages back and forth between Trucker Joe* and I.  Numbers have been exchanged and mentions of coffee occured.  But I’ve learned not to put all the ball’s in my mouth (not quite sure about that analogy but you get the gist…ya know…eggs…basket…counting) so I’ll keep you posted.

And last but not least we have Mr. Clean*.  We’re still only at the very most beginning point of messaging.  But frankly he’s a babe.  He’s seems fun.  So he earned himself a mention.  I’ll keep you posted.

*Explanation of names and stats to follow in subsequent posts.

*Dating Vancouver a Better Place, One Something at a Time*
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5 Replies to “Biggest Loser Update: Week 10”

  1. Well, I think it’s super awesome that you’ve lost 23 pounds!!! That’s amazing! I think the recommended weight loss is more like 1-2 pounds a week. There’s also going to be weeks where your body plateaus. As long as you continue to lose and feel good about yourself, that’s a win in my book.

  2. “Not put all the balls in my mouth”

    Um, that sounds like a Caleb analogy. I like it.

    Good work on the diet- it’s hard work! Especially when the results start slowing down. Stick with it.

    Also, NO to megalove (without even going to read your post on him, the name alone would tell me no.)

    I posted why on the post about him.

    Sigh. Why must I help save women from themselves? It’s not like I’m doing myself favors!

  3. I love handing out the little nicknames “Mr. Clean” “Trucker Joe”. I once accidentally called a potential date by his nickname to his face. “Short Mike” was less than pleased. haha!

  4. Life: I interpret the recommended 1-2 lbs. per week…as in that’s what someone who has a job can reasonably expect to accomplish by working out and never eating less than 1200 calories. I have however, am spending the summer studying (and dating lol)…and I never drop below 1200 calories (generally I’m much closer to 1700-1800) and then I just work out a ton and play sports…I figure as long as I’m still consuming the right amount of healthy calories than I’m set.

    Caleb: lol slowing down…I don’t think so 😛 This week I lost 4 lbs…but I get your point 🙂

    Q: OMG I just about died of laughter…poor short mike…at least it wasn’t loser mike…or not even after 8 beers mike lol!

  5. 23 lbs?!? I think that’s awesome!! I’m trying to lose 15 lbs. but haven’t lost one. In fact, I’ve probably gained 5lbs. =( How aer you doing it?

    Also, I can’t wait to hear about these guys. I am living vicariously through you, so here’s to keeping it exciting! haha.

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