Biggest Loser Update: Week 15

Weeks Since the Summer of Boys Began: 15

Total “Somethings” Dated During the Summer of Boys: 5

Total “Somethings” Dated: 7

Total “Pounds” Shed During the Summer of Boys: 34

So it’s week 15 now and I’m down 34 lbs.  And I won’t lie.  Things are stepping up in the boy department.  For starters.  You’ll kindly noticed the increase in the number of “somethings” dated during my summer of boys.  In 2.5 months (may to mid-july) I’d only managed to land 3 dates.  And now.  In the last 3 weeks I’ve managed to almost double that number?  Just Sayin’.  I think the weightloss is really paying off.  Okay well obviously it’s paying off (health, happiness, general awesome sauce) but I mean directly boy/dating/something related.

Now I know this is online dating.  And fuck.  Disappoints are always abound.  Boys without balls are everywhere.  Action (the act of doing something not messing around per se) is sparse.  So I don’t want to get to ahead of myself.  But seriously.  Things are looking up.

Oh and P Sizzle.  I can’t remember my exact waist measurement before I started the summer.  But at the very minimum I’ve lost 6 inches around my waist (and at biggest guestimate…I’ve lost 10).  And I’m down 3 sizes.  Three Whole Sizes.  So yeah.  Come on down boys.  Mamma’s lookin fly!

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Victoria Young

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5 Replies to “Biggest Loser Update: Week 15”

  1. I think that’s awesome! But here’s the “Mom” in me talking…you deserve to have those hot, amazing, ball-full guys who treat you fabulously no matter WHAT you weigh. I imagine it’s more a product of your increased self confidence than anything, que no?

    OTOH it is a great excuse to do my second favorite activity which is, of course, shopping!!

  2. Rain: Thanks hun!

    Just Sayin’: Jenny Craig at the moment (though about to start integrating back to making my own food)…and a WHOLE heck of a lot of working out…yesterday was cardio for 90 minutes…today will be cardio for 60 plus weights/squats/crunches/fucking endless sweating…and thank you it is!

    Tiia: Ahh yes but what one may deserve and what one gets are entirely different things grasshopper…that being said…if I think I deserve someone smart because I’m smart…shouldn’t someone who is fit also deserve someone else who is fit (aka not the old me aka getting to be the new me)…but no though…I honestly think it’s the weight…because on a dating profile where the words haven’t changed…I’m guessing they don’t KNOW how awesome I know I am…so it’s all visual…and I’m okay with that…because I’m just out having fun…and thus…want a hunk…a smart hunk…but right now…I’ll still settle for just a hunk 🙂

  3. Hey girl, I’m so excited for you re weight loss and more somethings showing up. I hope the pounds continue to fly off and the somethings keep rollin’in.

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