Dating and New Years Resolutions: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

[dropcap]I’m[/dropcap] what you might call a feast or famine dater. When I’m in school, studying hard, preparing graduate applications, and generally just making sure that being a student at 30 doesn’t become a complete waste of my life…dating is at an all-time low. Desert. Barren. Picture tumbleweeds (and a lot of me in jogging pants barely leaving my apartment for days at a time). And it’s completely fine and acceptable because I’m doing what I want, what I love and what’s important. The boys can just take a seat in the back and wait for their number to be called. I am a woman with priorities and they don’t even make the list.

But when school is out? During Christmas and summer breaks? Well that’s what you’d call a balls to the wall type situation. And I love me some balls, I mean boys. Because what are vacations about if not boys? I mean seriously. And yet… life… dating doesn’t always work out exactly the way you plan. Boys aren’t trained Labradors that come when you call them. Sure I may be free at a certain time, but that doesn’t mean that all the smarty-pants-science-and-mathy-football-playing-kind-and-gentle-sarcastic-and-witty-alpha-males-who-just-happen-to-like-chubby-bunnies will be available and have me on their radar at that exact moment. Life isn’t that precise. Which may or may not explain why a dating blogger can manage to be going on two years and have only dated about nine guys.

But that’s all about to change.

You see, I was recently talking to a friend and she was telling me about a period in her life where she did a ton of dating. A ton! she exclaimed. And I thought to myself I don’t really have that. I don’t have a period where I was completely open to every opportunity. And I’m a dating blogger! I mean it just seems incongruous, no? And so I thought about it, only to realize it’s because the majority of my free dating time is spent simply trying to choose the least objectionable man from a pile of men, who I can only assume are the dregs of society still working on finding themselves. And to be honest, that takes up a ton of time. Trying to figure out who comes across well through online dating sites but might not in real life and who doesn’t come across well but might turn out to be the David Spade of my dreams in person (laughter being paramount to everything in my books). It’s exhausting. I’m fairly certain I could solve the problem of world hunger with a redirection of my dating efforts.

But that’s why this year is going to be different. New Year’s Resolution. 2012 is the year of YES! I’m two weeks away from having everything prepared for my grad school apps and after that school will fingers crossed be a breeze. I’ve got a lightened course-load, no more entrance exams to study for and no professors to get reference letters from. Breezy. And so the plan is to say YES to any guy willing to ask (who is nice and at least not wildly inappropriate; no jailbait no second fathers, etc.) So why not right?!?!

What’s the worst that could happen right?!?! I become super practiced at making eloquent conversation? I get to meet all kinds of different people? Somebody teaches me something? I teach myself something? I accrue a lifetime worth of blogging material? Sure, it’ll cost a bit in terms of hair products and makeup but I’m nothing if not a good Samaritan and the economy still needs all the stimulation it can get, right? Plus I always say that nothing works better at keeping me on a healthy diet and a good workout regime like dating. So basically I’m saving myself and the world all in one fell swoop. Really it would be irresponsible of me to do anything else. And along the way maybe I can teach these boys a thing or two. Dating Vancouver a Better Place One “Something” at a Time. So that’s the plan. For 2012. My year of yes.

*But just to be clear, the yeses stop on the first dates. After that, boys, you’re on your own. Try not to screw it up.


Vancouver Dating Blog:  Dating Vancouver a Better Place, One “Something” at a Time

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