And The Douchie Goes To … Him? (Part 1 of 3)


And The Douchie Goes To….


[colored_box color=”red”]Was it him?  Was it me?  Had we both been douchebags?  Or maybe neither of us?  Perhaps simply a case of life running it’s course? [/colored_box]

I really didn’t know.  But I will admit.  When I first saw it.  When I first saw the update.  My immediate reaction was I fucking knew it!  Turns out I didn’t exactly know (the details) but well I sort of knew (the logic).  I knew it wasn’t me.  I knew I was fucking hot.  I knew I was a babe.  I knew a divorced guy wasn’t turning me down because of a lack of attraction.  I mean fuck that noise.  Just sayin’.  And I’m sorry because I’m getting ahead of myself here.  Because I still haven’t told you what happened.  So let’s go back to the beginning (of this section of the story).

So it had been one week since I’d facebook messaged asked Trucker Joe about the kissing.  As in, why had there been any in the first place if he wasn’t attracted to me due to blah blah blah divorce noise whatever?  And there I was just randomly killing time and checking out my facebook news feed.  When I see it.

Trucker Joe is in a relationship with Blah Blah

My immediate reaction was this is fuckin’ amazing!  And I’ll tell you why.  First just because it’s so freakin’ dramatic that I’m like YES!!! blog post.  Second because I feel my hotness question has been vindicated (as in, it’s not that he wasn’t attracted to me it’s that he became serious with another chick – which thus has nothing to do with me).  And thirdly, well frankly that’s mostly it.  It’s just so friggin’ priceless ya know?  And I know many of you are thinking why isn’t she hurt or upset by this and honestly I feel like that requires it’s own blogpost (which will follow this 3 parter).  So for now.  Just believe me.  If you don’t get it already.  You will after.  So just go with it for now.

At first I do nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  Well.  On facebook I mean.  Because I’ve been known to act rashly (ex: the immediate unfollowing, blocking and total disengaging from Twitter Guy).  Which sometimes is the right choice.  But other times hasn’t been.  So I call TheHell.  We talk.  We laugh.  I tell her I’m thinking of clicking “Like”.  She says do it.  But I’m yet convinced.  I wouldn’t want to come off as Bitter Betty or Angry Angie.  We all know I hate those bitches.  So I confer with another associate.  She too thinks it would be hilarious.  But I wait.  I think.  Because I really don’t want to be Rash Regina.  And then it comes to me.  Um.  Who the fuck cares?  It’s funny.  So I “Like”d it.  Because afterall.  I did like it.  I thought it was amazing.  Awesome sauce.  Amazing.

At first.  But then I started to think.  Damn.  I know it was my decision to not bother with any of the plenty of losers fishers who had messaged me in say the last 3 weeks of summer.  But still.  I would have likely given them more of a shot if I had known the truth about this chick back then.  Who, by the way *foreshadowing*, at this moment I figure he’s been dating probably about as long as me and likely was getting serious back around the time of our 5th date.  When he had a case of foul balls, and if you remember correctly (or simply click the link and see) was what I had suspected was the big secret he had to tell me.  So with that in mind.  I get a little pissed.  And that’s when I first start thinking.  And the Douchie Goes To…Him.  Because the lying makes him an asshole.  The idiocy of it makes him a douche.  Because we all know I would have a. been fine with it and b. had he told me, he could probably have kept me in the stable pending it didn’t work out with blah blah.  Just Sayin’.

And before I give the good ol’ To Be Continued… I leave you with this.  The title of the next post is…And The Douchie Goes To…Me (Part 2 of 3).  Just Sayin’.

To Be Continued…

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