And The Douchie Goes To… Neither? Both of Us? (Part 3 of 3)

And The Douchie Goes To…


It’s really tough to say.  Because we were both kind of douches.  I think? But then again.  It’s dating.  And what is dating except a process where you selectively reject and accept people.  You keep some cards close to your chest (at least you should).  There are games.  Not necessarily malicious or deceitful games.  But social rules.  Patterns of behavior.  I mean you’re playing a game simply by not being socially retarded.  You make mistakes and learn.  Or not learn as the case may be.  Maybe he was a douche for how he presented himself.  Maybe I was too.  Maybe I was a douche for thinking he was a douche.  I mean sometimes.  It just starts to not matter.  And honestly.  I have to say.  I’m getting a little bored with the whole Trucker Joe saga.  It was fun/retarded/dramatic/interesting while it lasted.  But it’s over now.  Finito.  And in the interest of full disclosure.  Because I’d hate to think that anyone might get the impression that I was only presenting his exact convos while leaving my side to be spliced and spiced.  I figured I’d better show you my part.  So here it is.  My exact response to him.  A couple days later.

[colored_box color=”blue”]SSDated          September 11 at 12:09pm<
Hey 🙂
Congrats on finding a girl you really connect with! Had I known a really intense connection was what you were looking for I could have probably saved you the trouble, because I knew we’d never have that kind of connection, right from the get go (though I had some fun hanging out and got a ton of material lol) so I guess I’m sort of glad you didn’t. Truth be told I kind of specifically chose to date you because I knew there WOULDN’T be an intense connection (afterall I wasn’t looking for that…I just wanted to date and have some fun…which I thought had been clear from the first date when you asked me about exclusivity and I was totally against it). And perhaps you yourself didn’t know that’s what you were looking for…though just as a tip…a guy who needs an emotional connection for sex…is a guy who is looking for an intense connection (and there’s nothing wrong with that…truth be told millions of girls the world over [I’m assuming [blah blah] included ;)] are seeking exactly that…just not me).[/colored_box]

So yeah…glad I was finally able to understand it all (most people probably wouldn’t have bothered but what can I say…I’m a girl in constant and perpetual search of answers…for everything…hell anyone trying to spend their entire life in school [whether learning or instructing] has to have a pretty big hard on for knowledge…yes no?) And again congrats on finding a gal that you feel a wonderful connection with (I’m sure she’s a wonderful person) and I’m glad all the pieces are fitting together for you. Who knows maybe one day over coffee you can tell me all about her 🙂

And then a couple of days later.  He facebook defriended me.  *rolls on floor laughing*  Perhaps he saw the first posting of the And the douchie goes to….series and thought that I was calling him a douche (which I was, but in my defense, only tentatively and I also included my self in the category).  Perhaps in the Twitter words of a good friend…

I surmise that he did it mostly b/c he didn’t want ‘her’ to find the blog, thus indicating him as a douche bag – but still: BABY

Perhaps my facebook status updates just simply aren’t as funny as I’d like to imagine.  Maybe my photos scare the likes of small children everywhere and he was just protecting his vision.  Or maybe the whole wanting to be friends thing was BS from the get go.  Perhaps he’s like one of those chicks who drops all her friends the moment she’s gets a boyfriend.  Who knows.  But I do know this.  I had a time.  And Trucker Joe taught me some shit.  Okay well not really him per se.  But through the act of dating him.  I learned some shit.  And at the very least I know I taught him some shit.  Like the fact that lamb is indeed baby sheep.  So at least I’m educating the dating masses.  One “something” at a time.

Oh and just a little bee tee dub for everyone.  Though I was originally never able to find a link connecting Trucker and Joe and I in my notorious Six Degrees of SSDated way (he’s being a decade older, likely accounted for that).  I was able to stumble upon one (though tenuous) when he became oh so “in a relationship”.  Because guess what?  Blah blah and I share a “mutual friend” and it’s a boy no less.  And one I know from plentyoffish no less.  Hmmm 🙂  So there you have it.  Trucker Joe and I in less than six degrees.  LOL.  Oy.


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