Facebooking My Ass Off, Or the End of an Era

[dropcap]It started[/dropcap] with Trucker Joe.  He wanted to see the blog.  We were going to be buddies.  But then it sort of.  Just didn’t stop.  You could say it was kind of like a snowball.  A carefully thought out snowball.  Wait.  What?  Is this another analogy I’m not getting quite right?  So not like a snowball at all really.  More like a dam.  A dam bursting.  Yeah that’s a better.  So anyway my Facebook burst didn’t end with Trucker Joe.  Because a few days after adding him.  I took a bit of a leap.  And added.  Intelligence Officer.

And I kind of figured it was no big deal.  I mean.  I wasn’t even risking anything.  Because we’re not dating.  In fact we’ve barely had more than a text exchange since our barracks bumpin’ (fix links).  So what was there to lose?  And again.  I write this blog.  So I know what I’ve said about him.  And frankly.  It speaks more like a raving resume than anything else.  A tally of his talents.  A chart of his characteristics.  An abacus of his abilities.  And all are positive.  And I know what you’re thinking.  If you haven’t had much contact with him since your rendezvous and it’s unlikely for there to be any in the near future, why do you even want him on your facebook?  And oddly enough.  It’s not for stalking.  Because the thing of the thing is.  I actually think he’s pretty fuckin’ funny.  We have a similar sense of humor.  He’s a little more angry and bitter about life.  But regardless.  We’re dry.  We’re sarcastic.  We’re witty.  And I like the things he says.  So that’s mostly why.  The other.  I’m hoping he’ll drool over my new 40lbs lighter pics?  Maybe.  I’m hoping he’ll see how hilarious I am?  Likely.  Mostly it’s just the laughter.  Maybe he says something and I comment.  Maybe I say something funny and he comments.  Maybe one of us has a winfall and comes into a place.  Like to stay.  And by stay.  I mean bang like bunnies.  And assuming the other party is interested.  Then it’s all gravy.  Yeah you heard me.  I said all gravy.  Don’t judge.

So you probably think this post is going to end there.  Like I somehow plugged up that dam real good.  Like a beaver.  I am Canadian afterall.  But nope.  That’s not how this tale goes.  So as I hit the last couple of days of my time on POF I received a message from a boy.  The message was uniform.  But I generally don’t judge by that.  I’m okay with boring.  In the first message.  So I read his profile.  And under first date:  It suggested we dress up like bees, go to the park and sting people.  Now certainly I don’t think he is the first person to say/think/write this.  But I thought it was pretty fuckin’ cute/funny nonetheless.  And we carried on a banter.  But alas.  It was time for me to depart POF.  So I did something I never do.  I suggested we carry this on.  On Facebook.  *gasp*  I know.  But once a dam breaks.  There’s really no stopping it.

So added he got.  But that’s not the end of the facebook insanity.  Because I still saw a potential for dating.  I kept my wall blocked from him.  Sure he could peruse the photos.  But see me posting about the blog and boys and the gym etc.?  Nope.  No access to that.  And the thing is.  He wasn’t alone.  Because there is another boy.  Not yet a something.  But not nothing.  A boy I shall call.  The Time Bandit (to be discussed further at a later date).

So that’s 4.  For those of you keeping track.  From 0 to 4 in a heartbeat.  Tossing the datey-no-facebookey rule out the window.  Just like that *tosses rule book out window* *shrug* no biggie.  I mean just look at me.  Facebooking my ass off.  And it really is the end of an era.  Because it comes right at the end.  The end of The Boys of Summer (fix links).  My summer gone wild.  The era of “Somethings“.  And what’s going to happen with them.  Maybe nothing.  Maybe good things.  Maybe bad things.  But the dam broke.  And I’m okay with it.

For now.


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  1. Matt: Well perhaps ACTUALLY doing it might be the original bit…but the saying…being funny/cutesy like that…not 100% original but like I said above…definitely still got my attention 😉

    TheHel: lol don’t worry I’ll try to have a torrid affair with a prof/student/librarian/coffee barista for you…or you could have the hubs just start bringing boys around to mario kart kind of like a cake walk for me 😛

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