Persistence Will Get You Everywhere: The Nick Name Keeps Himself in the Game


[dropcap]So just a quick recap. [/dropcap]

There were phone calls.  A first date came and went with success.  Then the date’s were on then off.  Then on then off.  Then there was a window that closed. A wall that went up.  And yet somehow I was still feeling a chemical (fabricated I would guess almost entirely by my mind and desire to eventually get laid by someone not a stranger) attraction to The Nick Name.  And one would assume he did not feel the same.  But there he was.  Just under a week later.  On the day I finished my exams.  Popping right back up.

The day my exams ended.  TheNickName remembered.
And texted Yay, school is over for two weeks.  
Howd Shakespeare go?  Enjoy your time off!!!
Amazing I said Hit it outta the park.  How are things with you?

And so he replied That’s awesome for you! Atta girl!  
Things are good, just stupid busy during this time 
of the year with work and Xmas functions.  
Talk soon!
I didn’t respond further.  Didn’t think I needed to.  Not sure if I wanted to.  But the next day.  There he was again.  With minimal effort of course.  But making enough of an effort to stand outside the wall but close enough to touch it, if you will.  Which may have been the reason the conversation happened as it did.
Did you xmas shop after you finished all of yours exams etc.? he asked.  But I was busy.  I was at a party which unfortunately didn’t live up to the hype I had hoped.  And then I was having drinks with ladies and chatting all night long.  No time to stop to text a boy back.  Plus of course even if I did have time.  It would be to text The PhD back (as he had been texting cute things in anticipation of our date the next day).

The next morning I woke up.  lol who am I kidding.  I was on Christmas break.  The next afternoon I woke up.  And thought sure.  Why not.  So I responded to the previous night’s text.  Something about having done absolutely no shopping yet and was he all ready for Christmas.

A friend is coming over tonight to wrap all of my presents and then yah I’m done! he quickly responded.  Fun I said wrapping presents is my favorite thing to do! And that’s when it happened.  Somewhere between attraction + opportunity – window + wall = me getting flirty (so unlike me).  Well maybe my second favorite thing.

What’s your favorite? he asks.  And it’s sort of off to the races from there.  He tells me he’s had lots of thoughts about my lady bits (don’t worry my words not his).  I wonder if it’ll happen with us.  A second date not a future.  I hope so he says Your sched. was crazy busy and mine got there when we got closer to xmas.  Next week is pretty wide open…Wanna get together on the 29th?  Dinner at my place?

Sure I text.  Sounds good.  And then he’s home from work.  And the conversation really turns to.  Well.  Inappropriate for all your innocent eyes and naive ears.  The thing is though.  I’ve yet to find someone who did it as well as Intelligence Officer.  I mean honestly.  I don’t know if it was just the right time right place of our little scenario.  Or what.  But everything he said was perfect.  He ebbed and I flowed.  He flowed and I ebbed.  He didn’t rush the convo.  It was dirty.  It was explicit.  It was exactly what I wanted. (fix link)

But The Nick Name.  It was.  Er.  Um.  Okay.  It was rushed.  It was not the things I wanted.  I mean it wasn’t like things I didn’t want or anything.  But it lacked a certain.  Throw down.  A certain take charge.  There was no verbal hair pulling to say the least.  But I played along.  Because I was horny.  And happy (with life not with him) and frankly it was my Xmas break and why the fuck not.  Until of course he asked the question all boys ask.  Stupid boys.  You gotta send me a sexy pic that I can use tonight.  It’s not the using my pic that makes him stupid.  That actually makes him awesome.  Yes indeed.  Go ahead and feed my ego.  But asking a chick you barely know to send you a dirty pic in this day and age of nothing can be erased and everything comes out?  Don’t be retarded.  Obviously I responded more in a more demure and breezy fashion.  But nonetheless with a not gonna happen.

His response.  I will look at your pics on POF 🙂  No problem with that I think, in fact I encourage it.  Have at ‘er.  And that’s when I tell him I have to go.  I have to get ready for tonight.  Which ironically is my first date with ThePhD.  His final message I want you !!  Have fun tonight!! 

The next day….

I thought about you lots today and our text messages from yesterday! oh I bet you did, Indeed I bet he did.
It was Christmas Eve Day.  And it was more of the same.  Texting from The Nick Name.  Asking about my day.  My plans for Christmas Eve.  Which if you follow me on Twitter should know were going to be blissful and independent.  With my parents out of the country this year.  And spending Christmas Day with my brother, his girlfriend and her family.  I was free to spend Christmas Eve blissfully, relaxingly, amazingly alone and doing my own thing.  Which as I told The Nick Name when he asked was going to be full of dancing, decorating, xmas movies and yummy thai food.
That sounds fun he texted I wish I was sitting on your coach watching you!  I assured him that wouldn’t be a good idea as I would get nothing done.  The chatter continued.  At some point we talked about kissing.  Something we had yet to actually do.  (man this was fucked up).  He insinuated he was a good kisser.  Some joke about having a plaque.  I said I wasn’t sure if I was a good kisser.  So far all my reviews had been good if not raves.  But still.  As a person who writes and yet won’t call herself a writer.  I’m hesitant to claim skills that are relative.  Like kissing.  He assured me he was happy to be the judge.
The conversation took a sexy turn again.  Back and forth we went.  And then suddenly.  Radio Silence.  Which was followed 2.5 hours later with Sorry, I was watching a xmas movie.  How was dancing and decorating?  want to talk on the phone?
It was late but honestly I did want to talk to him on the phone.  Since the very beginning.  The phone had been his strong suit.  And honestly I kind of wanted to regain that image of him.  Because as of late.  He’d been a bit of a douche.

To Be Continued…

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  1. Ok! Comment for you! Love the blog. Sheer entertainment…. but seriously – it hurts my eyes… the white text on black is killer!!! Otherwise, keep up the good work!

  2. (I think that the shame was the abrupt cutoff)

    Anonymous is right…it is a bit taxing on the eyes…I didn’t notice til I read that with my eyes squeezed tightly trying to read…

    Yay faux sex! Good fun!

  3. I guess I was referring to your comments around the middle of the post like “It was. Er. Um. Okay. It was rushed. It was not the things I wanted.” and I was saying it’s a pity that it wasn’t hitting the spot more at that point. And also the abrupt radio silence, yes. But I remember your mentioning before that he was good on the phone…

  4. Anonymous: I know!! lol honestly I’ve been holding off on changing it until I found someone to help me design the site…I was hoping for some sort of tin-man-esque color scheme…we’ll see 🙂

    Matt: Word…totally understand and yes it was a total bummer…

    Geekin’ and Scarlett: In his defense (and you know I hate to do that) it was Xmas eve…and he was with family…so I understand not texting…but in his…offensive? lol…a simple…we’re watching a movie talk later…is all a girl needs duh!

    Ren: Yeah…honestly…I have no clue lol!

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