Rip the Bandaid, Bitch! (Part Two)

So like I was saying.  I had hoped he would call.  After whatever blah blah excuse he had given me.  But he didn’t.  At least.  Not that night.  The next morning however.  I was woken up by a text.  Well more exactly I was woken up by Alice Cooper blaring
 ♫ Poison, You’re poison running through my veins, You’re poison, I don’t wanna break these chains ♫ 
And in case you’re not a long time reader.  This is where I have to mention again.  I have the cell phone from hell.  I live in the Bermuda fucking triangle.  This is NOT an exaggeration.  I have THE worst luck with cell phones and reliable service.  So it is not uncommon to miss text messages.  To get them long after they were sent.  To get them in indecipherable pieces.  Just Sayin’.

This morning was unlikely to be any different.  When there it was.  Showing up.  Coming through.  The piece of a puzzle of messages.  Only.  Something like the middle.  That’s it.  Fuck.

Easy to say, especially when you 
care for someone.  Then as I 
delayed it, it became harder and 
harder to call.  I’m spending.

What.  The.  Fuck.  This is obviously only a piece of the message.  So I text back saying as much.  Either to resend or call.  He calls.  FUCK.  I answer.  It’s a bit awkward.  Plus it’s also a bit hazy.  It’s fucking like 8:20am and I’m a student.  Plus just in general not a morning person.

The gist of what he says is this.

He thinks I’m awesome.
There’s just something missing.
Like chemistry I ask?
But he can’t describe it
He doesn’t know what he wants
blah blah blah
He wants to be friends.
I should give him a call….

and then I interrupt him.  Ahh.  I’m going to leave that in your court buddy.  After all you’re the one who just said he didn’t like me enough lol.  No way am I going to spend more being concerned about whether or not I should call someone.  Though I say this in a somewhat less bitchy fashion.  We chatter on a bit more.  NYE is mentioned.  I say MegaLove is coming up to spend it with me.  I offer no further details.  We end the call.  I send a quick text thanking him for letting me know.  Not because I felt he deserved it.  But if I’m going to be a big proponent of people being honest with each other and ripping the fucking bandaid off, I can’t turn around and be all bitter.  I have to keep it going.  Word of mouth advertising.

Rip the bandaid, bitch! 

By the way.  Almost as soon as the call was over.  Suddenly my phone blows up with text messages.  Out of order no less.  But I’m not retarded.  I know how to piece a puzzle together.  And here is.  The bandaid ripping (sort of) puzzle.

Sorry for being so distant.  I’m just not feeling it and don’t want waste your time, plus go any further physically.  I should have called but it’s not that easy to say, especially when you care for someone.  Then as I delayed it, it became harder and harder to call.  I’m spending the day with DaughtersName, and leaving town later on today.  Take care!

Ouch.  For reference I find the care about someone bit to be fucked up retarded like and the go any further physically to mean that he wasn’t attracted to me anymore.  So there ya go.  Fuck Me.  Or not I guess.  Exit stage left.


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11 Replies to “Rip the Bandaid, Bitch! (Part Two)”

  1. See, that’s what annoys me about men. You “mess around” with him and he’s not attracted to you? What the hell? My brain cannot fathom that bizarre logic. I guess you should just be glad it didn’t take him years to figure it out.

  2. Oh man that sucks. But I’d rather have someone rip a bandaid off today than try to ease it off over a few weeks of bullshitting. Don’t waste my time or yours.

    PS–If someone ends every sentence with an exclamation point, it does sound like they’re yelling for no reason! Especially when they do the double exclamation point!! His exclamation fetish was just one of the signs that he wasn’t gonna work out!!! He had other things to do . . . like figuring out how punctuation works!!!!

  3. I hate when men say they do not know what they want. Yet they are on dating sites, meeting people etc. I’ve learned early on and quickly this is the new “its not you, it’s me” line.

    Glad your torn the bandaid off.

  4. I hope you understand when I say, thank gad!!! Douche-nozzle was a loser from the beginning!! And if you cared for somebody then you wouldn’t send them a Dear Joan text msg. He wrote that to make himself feel better. I mean, Better!! Douche-nozzle!


  5. Ms.Chick – I am pleading the 5th as a response as to not give away spoilers (which in itself is kind of a spoiler lol)

    P.S. – Yeah honestly I just wish he’d ripped it the next day and not waited till after I had gone to seattle…”He has other things to do…like figuring out how punctuation works!!” ahahahahahah ROFLMAO!!!

    Just Sayin’ – Dude. Is. A. Confused. Puppy. Or. An. Experienced. Gamer. Who Knows!?!?

    Anon – Hahah word. Plus how weird was that “care about somebody” I mean shit, son…we’d been on two dates…you don’t fucking care…nobody does that early on…it’s just lusty

  6. That sucks that it fizzled out. Boo.

    But I can’t get with the man bashing. Dude actually did exactly what *I’d* like him to do, although a few days too late…he told you the truth and though the truth sucks, I’ll take it over a lie any day.

    On to the next on SSDated…although MegaLove is always so very present, isn’t he? *cocked eyebrow and suspicious look*

    By the by, you’re totally right about the exclamation marks. Dude, trying too hard, knock it off. (Although I abuse the eclipse…like it owes me money) *shrug*

  7. I just said he wasn’t an asshole…blind? with terrible judgment? an obvious self hatred that won’t allow him to be happy when engaged with an obviously brilliant, hilarious, gorgeous woman? Obviously. But not a prick for telling the truth.

    And some of us douches can care for someone after 2 dates and all that phone time…did I just out myself? Yeah, I did. *throws up middle fingers and begs ya’ll to say something*

  8. Life (and others) – Technically I’m not at him at all lol…I think he did good (could’ve done it a bit sooner but honestly I think he really doesn’t know what he wants…I have some theories lol) but mostly I just like it when you guys hate anyone who didn’t fall down dead from their total and all consuming love for me…ya know…lol HEART YOU!!

  9. I think the not wanting to go further physically was actually him being respectful and gentleman-like.

    And you need a new phone! That would drive me crazy.

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