Rules of Dating: Booking, Bailing, and Baseball


[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n Dating (capital D Dating), I’m always fighting a constant battle between what I think I should be doing in dating and what I want to do in dating.

Example.  I know I should wait for the boy to contact me, I know I should wait for him to ask me out.  But I want to just ask a boy out because I have some free time and I want to fucking hang out and doesn’t anybody else get tired of the dating dance?

And I was tired.  And excited to have gone on a date with a guy who didn’t seem completely retarded.  Plus there’d been some cute texting and some fun DMs on Twitter.  So I figured fuck it.  So on Sunday, after getting home from my date with TheVampire and on my way to a movie with a friend, I texted.

Hey 🙂 Hope your weekend is going good…just seeing if you wanted to make plans to do something this week?  


And yes I know that seems a little mundane but I’ve never claimed to be a stand up comedian 24/7.  Sometimes you’re just a normal person.  Asking normal things.  Getting shit done.  And apparently it went over well because he responded.

Yes.  Let me get back to you on which day… and before I had time to worry that this was a blow off, he texted again.  What’s best for you?  I’m busy Monday and Tuesday for sure.

And we went from there.  I just happened to have tickets to a ballgame and Thursday was locked in.  Plus all the obvious witty banter about nuts.  We were going to a ballgame after all.

Things were really shaping up.  After 7 months of no good dating I had just managed to go on 2 good first dates.  Had just booked a 2nd date with Kevin Bacon and within hours of returning home from my Sunday day-date with The Vampire had a message on POF waiting for me.  Informing me that The Vampire had in fact had an awesome time too and wanted to hang out again.  Not wanting to seem too eager, I waited till Monday to reply.

He responded back Tuesday and we made plans for Wednesday.  Except unfortunately our plans were still a bit loose.  He suggested we go somewhere downtown.  I didn’t really get the logic in this since I was living out in the burbs till the end of summer, had a car and he lived in Burnaby.  Why wouldn’t we just hang out in Burnaby.  But perhaps he wanted to go somewhere fun.  Unfortunately as luck we have it we didn’t end up hanging out.  Now in all fairness he could make the claim that we didn’t have plans yet and thus him being tired (from work) and having homework from school was a valid reason to bail on hanging out and not hit me up till Thursday.  I think we’re all quite aware though that I don’t think like that.  You make a plan.  You stick to the plan.  At the bare minimum you contact the other person to ensure bailing is mutually understood.

That being said, since I already knew we weren’t written in the stars, so to speak, because of his religious predilections, I figured I’d let this one slide.  Everybody fucks up once and he did seem pretty into me.  But that doesn’t mean I’d be sticking my neck out.  The effort was his to expend.

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