Why Your Restaurant Needs Good Social Media

Some stereotypes are true (in the sense that I have heard them and I embody them, though I’m in no way saying everyone does).  I am a woman.  I am awful at making decisions when it comes to food.  If given the choice on a Friday night about whether to order pizza or Thai (or Greek or Italian or Chinese or Mexican) *skip to four hours later* (or tapas or we could just go to the store and buy a bunch of nibblies and desserts and stuff) *skip to four hours later-again* what was the question?

I’m not an air head.  If anything it’s the exact opposite.  While I loathe LOATHE!!!! to even utter the phrase “over-thinking things” because trust me, North America, nobody here is over-thinking anything, ever, in a way that’s exactly what I’m doing.  If someone tells me, we’re getting pizza –  then I only have to decide one thing – yes or no to pizza (like that’s even a real question).  Yes to pizza, always yes to pizza.  But when I’m given the option of a multitude of gastronomical options I find myself spiralling out of control due to the sheer volume of possibilities.  I’m in delight at the thought of eating a million different things and gripped with the terror that I will make the wrong choice and have wasted those calories on a less than satisfying foodcapade.

Now, what does my inability to make a decision have to do with social media you ask?  Here’s what:

When in doubt (because I’ve been given a million choices), I’ll pick the restaurant that I know.  I’ll pick the resto that tweets funny things, that talks to me when I have questions, that offers specials for social media-ites, that most importantly makes me feel like a star, like they know me or something.

Now I’m not saying if your food is shit and your decor is brutal and your location is an hour’s drive away that a few witty quips on Twitter will save you.  Obviously not, don’t be an idiot.

But there are a ton of good/great restaurants in any major (and even not so major) city and the reason I pick one over the other is, more often than not, because of social media.

So, the next time you hire a social media consultant, PR pro, entertainment aficionado, take a look at their follower count on Twitter because if they can’t entertain people being themselves, they are certainly not going to be able to bring the business to yours.


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