The Sunday Profile: Facebook Has Gone Tedanese


Obviously this profile is fake (in the sense that Tedski didn’t actually create it, though it was once real in the sense that I created it and it existed as a real thing but I deleted it awhile back).  Don’t ever say that I don’t love a good theme.

Teddy Tedimiah Tedanopolous  

Status:  Just Catching Some Waves and Hangin’ Ted 12 hours ago clear

Relationship Status:  It’s TEDplicated!

Activities: Tedbogganing, Downhill Tedding, Tedding water, Going to Teddy Bear Picnics, Drinking Gin and Tednics

Interests: Speaking TEDanese, Teaching Others to Speak TEDanese, Coming Up With Brilliant TEDisms

Favorite Music: Ted Zepplin, Notorious T.E.D., AC/TedC, The Rolling Teds, Tedosmith, Teds N’ Roses, Tedye West, Teyonce, Ted-Z, The Mighty Mighty Tedstones, Pink Ted, Tedi Hendrix, MeTEDica, TED2, Earth Wind and Ted, The Ted Boys, Tedgarden, ZZ Ted, Bruce Springsteen and the Ted Street Band, Jethro Ted, No Tedoubt, Ted in Chains, Teduran Teduran, The PreTEDers, The Tedson Five, Black Eyed Teds

Favorite TV Shows: Teds Anatomy, How I Met Your Ted, Law and Order: Special Teddies Unit, Teddy Ruxbin, Tedvivor, Teds Hills, Ted and the City, Everybody Loves Ted, Real Time with Bill Ted, 9021Ted, Tedrose Place, Desperate Tedwives, Gossip Ted, Tedville, The Ted Diaries, One Ted Hill, South Ted, The Big Ted Theory, Two and a Half Teds, Ted Whisperer, Ugly Teddy, Teddanah Montana, The Tedmazing Race, iTeddy, Cold Ted, Saturday Night Ted, SpongeTed Squarepants, EnTEDourage

Favorite Movies: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, The TEDshank Redemption, The Ted Father, Ted Fiction, Saving Private Ted, RataTEDouille, T for Tedetta, 12 Angry Teds, Citizen Ted, Ted of Arabia, Cool Hand Ted, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Ted, Ted Gump, Teddy Python and the Holy Grail, The Teds Must Be Crazy, Throw Ted from the Train, Tedbrynth, Don’t Tell Ted the Babysitter’s Dead, Nightmare on Elm Street: Teddy’s Revenge, Tedinator, Tedinaor 2: Judgement Ted, ATEDcalypse Now, Tedvata, Tedward Scissorhands, Ted Story 1 & 2, 2001: A Space Tedyssey, Some Like It Ted, The MalTED Falcon, Ted Flew Over the Cuckcoo’s Nest, Star Wars Episode V: The Tedster Strikes Back, Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Tedi, Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Tedace, Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Tedones, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Tedith, Tedfellas, Tedmary’s Baby, Little Miss Ted, A Streetcar Named Ted, Ted Club, Raiders of the Lost Ted, The TEDtrix, The Silence of the Teds, Tedface, It’s a Wonderful Ted, T.E.D. Confidential, Reservoir Teds, The Sixth Ted, Kill Ted Vol. 1, Ted for the Prosecution, Stand by Ted, Finding Tedo, TEDspotting

Favorite Books: Great Tedpectations, The Grapes of Ted, Wind in the Teddows, 198Ted, The Tedder in the Rye, The Great Tedsby, Ted and Punishment, LoliTED, Ted Eyre, Lord of the Teds, Anna Tedinina, The Count of Teddy Cristo, East of Teden, A Ted of Two Cities, The Adventures of Huckleberry Ted, Ted Quixote, A Tedwork Orange, Tedenstein, Of Mice and Teds, The Tedhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Moby Ted, The Da Teddy Code, Madame Tedvary, Tedd of the D’Ubervilles, Love in the Time of Tedera, The Old Ted and the Sea, As I Lay Tedding, ATEDment, I Tediuous, The Scarlet Tedder, Ted of Green Gables, The Ted and the Fury, Tedderbury Tales, Teddiver’s Travels, Teds Fall Apart, Gone with the Ted, Catch-Ted, Our Mutual Ted, Distant View of a MinaTed

Also…here’s a random video…from the show Better Off Ted…that’s frankly…hilarious!

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