Two New Guys, Two New Dates


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he weekend came and went.  I went camping and ate like a Sumo Wrestler.  Got a tan but also managed to get eaten alive by creepy crawlers (to the extent I felt it looked like I had the plague).  So you can safely assume I was not feeling my sexiest upon my return to the real world.  And by real world I obviously mean the dating world.  The world where The Vampire was waiting to hear that I hadn’t been eaten by bears (or started exclusively dating any).  So I put off contacting him.  I figured by midweek I’d be at least approaching non-leper status and could thus consider planning our meeting.  But we’re going to put a pin in this story for a moment.  Because this post is also about another boy.  One who, for reasons that will become endlessly obvious as I unfold this tale, I will call Kevin Bacon.

I’m not really sure who followed whom.  Or exactly when it happened.  But sometime, not too long ago, I started getting responses to my random tweets from a guy.  At first I think it was something like cheer up, it’s okay and then one day he responded to something racy I’d said.  Pretty soon the tweets turned into a discussion which turned into DMs about dating and carried on until he suggested we meet (presumably to talk about my thoughts on dating).  He mentioned he was on POF and so I suggested that we exchange profiles so that at least he would know who he was meeting.  His twitter avi is of his face but of course like most people it’s obscured by a side view (not to mention the instagramming effects, etc.).  Not to mention the fact that my ability to recognize people is horribly skewed.  Let’s not forget that horrible incident way back when with Tedski when I spent the beginning part of the date thinking that in fact he was a different guy.  Who then promptly from afar rejected me.  If you’re not familiar with this ridiculous situation or how traumatizing it was feel free to read about it here.

So where was I?  Oh yeah…so originally I had thought Kevin Bacon was flirting with me but then he said things like no expectations and wanting to go in blind that made me put him squarely in the buddy pile.  He said name the time and place, so I did…coffee, yaletown, Sunday at 7pm.  Done.

And then before I knew it, it was midweek and I was contacting The Vampire.  We set a date.  Coffee, Burnaby, Sunday at 3pm.  Done.  Now I know what you’re thinking…2 sets of plans right after the other.  But my theory is it’s not double booking if it’s not a date…which it wasn’t…with Kevin Bacon.  Plus the thing of the thing is:

Reasons that two guys and two dates is totally okay

1.       I already knew The Vampire saw the first meeting like I did…a chance to make sure the other person is at least on the surface who they say they are, that they aren’t completely ridiculous, and that at least some good conversation is on the menu.

2.      The thing with Kevin Bacon was a friendly thing.  The same way as it is when I meet anyone from Twitter.  Girls, Boys, whatever, buddies.

3.      I’m not a regular makeup wearer.  Let me be more clear…I wear makeup always when I’m meeting a new boy.  Or even a new girl.  I wear makeup to a party and anything fun at night really.  But daytime makeup is not my thing.  I like a fresh face.  I have sensitive eyes.  Plus who the fuck has time to get dolled up every day.  I’m a student.  I’m a writer.  I spend most of my time studying (in my jogging pants), writing (in my jogging pants) or working out (in slightly tighter stretchier pants).  So you can argue its virtues if you want…but I’m not a regular daytime makeup wearer.  That being said when I go out I go all out.  Plus I’m a dawdler.  So getting ready for a date takes about 2 hours (shower inclusive but still a lengthy period of time).  I’ve got curly hair and I like to look nice.  So that being said, getting dolled up puts a lot of pressure on a date.  Because if it’s a total fucking bust or equally as bad if the dude flakes (though I’ve yet to have that happen when actually having shown up for a date) then I’ll be super enraged.  Thus, I like to make plans with friends, when I can, to follow dates.  Because that way, no matter what, the hair and makeup would be worth it.  So I saw this whole Sunday thing as a top notch situation.

So that was that.  Coffee date with The Vampire and friendly Meet and Greet with Kevin Bacon.  Good times.  Only here’s the thing with Twitter AND anyone willing to talk dating with me.  The conversation will continue to carry on.  And he had questions.  Which you know I love.  And he kept asking them.  And I wanted to answer but I kind of felt that this would be impinging on the awesome conversation that would occur on Sunday.  So I told him this and he suggested we just meet right away.

Detour.  I still had bites from camping.  I was still pudgy la rue.  And thus I was hesitant.  Even meeting a new friend you want to look your best no?  But then I had an epiphany.  Well 2 actually.  One being that it’s not like I was going to lose 30 lbs. in the next 4 days and the other being that I did not want to be the kind of person that lets life pass them by because of being chubby.  Fuck that noise.

Back on Track.  Kevin Bacon said he had plans that later that evening with friends but suggested a casual dinner.  Sushi.  Done.


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