You’ll Know I’m Over It Because I Act Shamelessly


[dropcap]I[/dropcap] definitely have a “best behavior” when it comes to dating.  And you’ll know that I like you if I remain on that said “best behavior”.  How will you know for certain that I’m not/no longer interested??? (which btw is completely different than not willing to make out with you, but that’s a whole other post entirely I think)…You’ll know because I’m shameless.  It’s the same kind of shamelessness that allows a person to have a booty call.  And it’s that same kind of shamelessness that allows me to ask questions about my dating.  Now that I’ve assumed it’s over.  Whether on my side.  Their side.  Or all sides.

Kevin Bacon and I met through Twitter which, for me, is based on the very concept that I’m a dating/sex blogger and if that doesn’t imply it enough, my blog speaks it in volumes.  I am into dating.  I am into science.  I am into research.  I want to know things.  Think things through.  Discover new things.  Learn from things I’ve discovered.  It’s all pretty cut and dried, no?  So I assumed he would both see it coming and not be bothered by my asking questions.  About our dating.  Or more specifically something I’d been wondering a great deal about for awhile now.


Do I have a Poker Face?


It started the day after the final Unfortunate Event.  That night, even before I’d arrived at the party, Kevin Bacon and other person on Twitter had tweeting something really bizarre (and sexual) and then cc:’ed me on it.  Which I found incredibly bizarre.  So that next day, I tweeted back about it.  Honestly, I’d assumed it was because he was talking about me (not to be confused with, saying good things about me or anything of that kind which is not the same thing).

He responded via DM with Because you heard me say it.  But the thing is that wasn’t true.  I wasn’t even there when they’d tweeted it so unless I’d developed a new-found time travelling superpower.  That wasn’t it.  Which is what I responded with.  Followed by asking if he’d responded via DM to stay covert?  His response was wasn’t necessary for the rest of the world to know why or why not you were CCed but you’re right, unecessary.  Um.  What?  I’m glad he was all concerned about propriety now…where was this the night before when I was getting CCed on some inappropriate shit?!?!  But nonetheless, I think we all know, with an unwavering clarity, that I can’t fucking stand when people are vague don’t spit shit out don’t answer a simple question.  I mean fuck.  Can’t this dude answer 1 single question ever!?!?!

But as I am Queen of the Eternal Hopes, I failed to assume that asking yet another question would result in the same lack of clarity.  But this was my one chance to ask someone who both knew about my blog and that I’d gone out with, a very blog related question.  Did I have a Poker Face?

From his perspective I had none.  So your question is whether it’s obvious you like someone?  A little.  I thought about correcting him but what would the point of that be.  I’d just end up seeming bitchy and frankly I still wanted more information.  So I asked for clarification was this based upon Twitter, or in real life?  Plus it occurred to me it’s possible he wasn’t wrong, and perhaps when he said someone he meant The Vampire and had picked up on the fact that I was digging him.  So I asked that two, was he talking about himeself or TheVampire?

His response was In real life it seems like you like someone.  No poker face unless with a cock.  So.  Okay.  Wait.  What?  He must be talking about himself since he said IRL.  And…uh…really?  Cock?  SMH.  I tired to move past it though with a joke.  About whether or not he had a Poker Face.  No response came.  In all honesty, I probably should’ve left it at that.  Though if we’re being honest I should’ve known better than to ever date anyone from Twitter but lesson learned.

That being said.  I have this need.  To know exactly where I stand with a person.  To have things settled.  This is not a unique to me type issue.  I know this.  So a day or so later when still no response had come I sent one more DM.  Should I be taking your silence to mean that not only are you not interested in dating but you’re not interested in friendship either?


His response?


To Be Continued…

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